GO MOMS was originally designed to bring the latest effective treatments for obstetrical emergencies from the developed world to the developing world. Using lectures, videos and simulations in the native language, this teaching program has been proven to be successful.

However during the implementation of GO MOMS, new research conducted in the USA found that we have a higher maternal mortality  rate than previously thought. Although not all the conditions causing harm are the same between developed and developing countries many are, such as hemorrhage, hypertensive disease and shoulder dystocia. 

With this in mind we are developing the GO MOMS-USA  educational program for hospitals here in the USA. Our goal is to provide the needed educational program to help decrease the maternal mortality and morbidity rate we are experiencing in the USA.

If your institution is interested in having GO MOMS-USA provide a simulation based multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary educational program at your hospital please contact kdaniels@stanford.edu